Sometimes customers on a budget want to know the best way to get a custom vintage bicycle built up but at a lower cost than what we may charge for a complete custom build. We usually say the best way to go is to buy something from vintage bicycle auctions, ebay or gumtree that needs work done to it. That way you get a frame, some wheels (hopefully good enough to keep) and a couple of other components that you can keep when having the bicycle restored. Things like seatposts, handlebars, wheels etc.. that come with a bicycle in need of repair can save you up wards of £200. Then you can just bring what you have to us and get all the important parts sorted out – replaced cables, new brakes (if required) etc.. etc..

It sounds obvious but sometimes the most obvious options are the last things you think of!
We always have hundreds of items in our ebay shop so you can always visit there to grab yourself a couple of bargains that help save bucket loads of cash when building a bike yourself or getting a bicycle built.
There’s always hundreds of vintage bicycles up for auction at any one time so there really is rich pickings out there!
click here to visit out ebay shop and grab yourself a bargain

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