People often ask if we restore bicycles that weren’t purchased from the cave? We do!

At the Vintage Bike Cave we offer customers a complete restoration service. If you’ve found a bike in the shed that you’d like to get roadworthy, or purchased an old frame and want it built up, we can help – get in touch.

We’ll completely strip down a bike to it’s component parts, give everything a thorough clean and polish, help you find someone to refinish the frame, source and replace all original transfers and build it back up into a reliable runner.

We stock all manner of vintage bicycle spare parts and can usually replace anything that needs to be replaced. We can sort out most common (and sometimes uncommon) problems in-house, and also organise having parts brazed on, tubes replaced, dents filled etc… by reliable third party frame builders .

Please feel free to contact us if you have a vintage bicycle restoration project and want to know more.