We’ve had the Harry Quinn on ebay for a little while now and I think it really does deserve a good home so I’m going to spotlight it to get it in front of more people!

This cracking Harry Quinn bicycle frame was made by Harry Quinn (surprisingly!) who was a high-end frame builder based out of Liverpool between 1890 and 1990.
The company was renamed from Coronet cycles to Harry Quinn Cycles when Harry took over the running from his father. Harry ran the company until his death just a couple of years ago in 2009 at the grand old age of 92.¬†Harry’s hand-built frames were known for their short wheelbase and steep angles, relative to other marques. As well as his own frame, Harry also designed bikes for Viking Cycles.

The marque has a good history with a number of famous cyclists having ridden competitively on Harry Quinn frames include John Atkins, Alan Ramsbottom, William Moore, Colin Sturgess, who won the world professional pursuit title on a Harry Quinn, Gordon Singleton, Graham Daniels, Phil Roberts, John Atkinson, Brian Pownall, Paul Sherwen and Bill Bradley, who won the Milk Race in 1959 on a Harry Quinn.

According to the previous owner of this frame it was built by the legendary Ernie Clements – whether this is true or not is unknown, but either way you’re getting top quality workmanship here!

This isn’t just some old frame by some unknown builder. This is a real British steel, hand built, quality vintage frame that deserves a very good home!

You can see this frame for sale alongside many others by clicking here!

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